Shoutout to Serena’s Musings

Hi there! I was planning on writing a longer post today (I’ll be posting the one that was supposed to be for today next Friday instead), but somehow I watched a little bit too much Supernatural, so now I’m kind of short on time.

My friend Serena, who is 100% responsible for getting me started blogging, has a blog of her own: Serena’s Musings. Although she doesn’t post very often (if you’re reading this, Serena, this is a subtle hint to POST MORE), when she does, it’s always amazing. She’s got an incredible gift for writing, and especially for the more serious topics that her posts generally center on.

Serena's Musings

Take a minute or two to go check out her blog– it’s really cool, and you won’t regret it. I’ll try to get that other post done by next Friday, but until then, I’ll be posting on both Sunday and Tuesday as usual.


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