T-Shirt Quilt

I’m ashamed to say that it was only a month or two ago that I learned to use my sewing machine, which had lingered in the basement for oh, say, close to 7 or 8 years. When I finally rediscovered it, lonely and dusty in its little corner, I went a bit crazy, piling on projects like nobody’s business. Luckily, it’s a good, sturdy model, great for a beginner, and fortune blessed me with very few injuries and a pretty smooth ride along my first few attempts to make it work (which it did).

Here’s my trusty sewing machine.

One of the more ambitious projects, it would seem, is the quilt I started a few weeks after my rediscovery of the mysterious sewing machine. In reality, it’s turned out to be (at least so far) to be much easier than I had ever expected. Of course, as is usual behavior for me, I spent several hours researching how to make one, which led me to several terrifying articles about how one ought to spend at least several years sewing before one even thinks about making a quilt. Seeing as I had a maximum of two weeks’ experience, I wasn’t exactly in the best position, or so I thought.

I’m not likely to try piecework or some other kind of complicated quilty-ness any time soon, but I’m no longer horrified at the thought of making my own quilt (not yet, anyway– I’ll let you know how I feel once I finish the actual piecing and start working on binding). It’s not going to be especially large, since I may have underestimated the amount of material (t-shirts, in other words) that I needed to make a decent size quilt, but it’ll be a good size for a baby one.

This is one of about fifteen strips. Once I finish all of them, I'll sew the strips into the quilt top.

Basically, I found 6 or 7 t-shirts (I’d definitely recommend using more), cut them into 4″ by 4″ squares (a larger size would probably make it quicker, but I’m in no rush), and am currently in the process of stitching the rows into place. I can only really sew on my off days, but a good hour can usually put me through a row and a half.


‘Slow and steady wins the race’ goes the saying, and I hope that’s the case here, since I’d prefer not to have this turn out to be a giant (well, actually, baby-quilt-sized) mess. I’ll be updating you periodically throughout this long and arduous process, so fingers crossed that I don’t screw up too badly and end up embarrassing me in front of the entire population of the internet.

T-Shirt Quilt-- Olivia Simone

That’s it for today! I’ll see you again on Tuesday in a continuation of my series on character development (you can find my first post here), but until then, my prayers to those of you stuck in the snowbanks of the East Coast, and a snarling side-eye to those of you who happen to be in places warmer than the Midwest (it’s March, after all). Bye!


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