Handmade Hand Warmer

I am so sick of this freezing weather and completely ready for spring. But meanwhile, I’m going to do the best that I can to stay nice and toasty within my room and in reach of Netflix. As a part of that, I whipped up a quick, easy sewing project to keep my hands warm during these cold winter months– a giant hand warmer.

Finished Dimensions:

10″ by 20″



  • 1 piece of fabric: 21″ by 21″
  • sewing machine (if you’d like to use one– it’s faster than sewing by hand)
  • needle and thread (for sewing up the open end)
  • uncooked rice


I used cotton fabric for my hand warmer, although I think flannel might work better.


  1. Fold fabric in half with the right sides together
  2. Straight stitch around the edges with a 1/2″ seam allowance, leaving an inch or so gap at the end
  3. Turn the pouch inside out, making sure to fully pop out the corners (I used a ruler to do this, which made it much easier)
  4. Fill the bag about 3/4 of the way (more or less) with the rice
  5. Sew up the gap carefully so no rice can spill out
  6. Heat for 20-30 seconds in the microwave (try to avoid overheating so you don’t accidentally burn the rice)

Like I said, it’s super easy, and great for tucking your hands under while *ahem* watching Supernatural on Netflix (not that I would know). I’m planning to make a few more, probably in a smaller size that’ll be easier to put in my pockets to keep my hands warm when I’m out and about.

Handmade Hand Warmer-- Olivia Simone

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and be sure to read my next one: a continuation of a series on character development in writing.


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