Weekend Baking

Hi everyone! Last time, I said I’d be posting about my weekend baking, and as promised, here it is:

snickerdoodle2 bars1

Not the prettiest, but definitely delicious.

I used The Best Snickerdoodles Ever recipe from My Name is Snickerdoodle– I figured the blog suggested a high standard for cookies, and was proved right. These cookies were delicious. I used a cookie stamp I got as a Christmas present (find it here) for the first time with this batch, and although it didn’t work out as perfectly as I’d hoped, you can see the word ‘homemade’ clearly imprinted in the batter.


The second recipe I made was from blommi.com– Chocolate-Peanut Butter Bars. These were also amazing. I ate at least an entire row before the chocolate crust on the top had hardened. I don’t generally make recipes with peanut butter in them, since I usually find it a bit overpowering, but this recipe was perfect. (Sorry about the messy, chocolate-spattered sides of the pan. Unfortunately, I’m not much of an artistic cook.)


I’ll be posting again on Tuesday, so see you soon!

Weekend Baking-- Olivia Simone


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