Updates on Life

It is now officially the second to last day of January, and I couldn’t be happier (actually, I could, had the East Coast blizzard been kind enough to pass over Chicago and bless me with a few snow days– but that’s my only complaint). Only one more month until spring unofficially starts, and we welcome the wonderful gray slush that paves the streets. A month after that and it will be April: spring break and periodic amounts of sunshine between violent rainstorms. Hopefully the temperature will be above freezing by that point.

But for now, I remain huddled in my room whenever I can, and with good reason, too. For the first time in years, my heater’s actually working well; we live in an ancient house, so it’s kind of a cross-your-fingers-and-hope-for-the-best thing. On top of that, my room is comfy and gorgeous and I absolutely love spending time in it (I’ll post a virtual tour of it later). I also lucked out in having the best WiFi in the house, and I’ve been take advantage of that through binge-watching TV on Netflix (I swear, Gossip Girl is the most dramatic show I’ve ever seen).

I’ve been forcing myself to work on my WIP, but it’s going pretty slowly– it’s tricky to balance writing and blogging with everything else. And guess what? After 1 year and 10 months (I counted), I got my braces off!!!

Updates on Life (1/30/15)-- Olivia Simone

That’s it for now! Stay warm and toasty– only one more month to go.


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