DIY Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and like many of you probably are, I’m stuck in a rut for gift ideas. Luckily, I follow some of the most amazing blogs, and today, I’ve compiled a list of a DIY Valentine’s gift ideas I’d like to try. Here we go:


Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial by Patchwork Posse

Super cute and super easy– I can’t wait to try these.


DIY Sugar Scrub Bars by Adventures in Coupons

Because why not? Cheap, easy, great to use. . . let’s just say I’ll have a stash to last me for a couple years.

DIY Photo Pendant

DIY Photo Pendant by Saving with Sarah

So sweet and heartfelt, and they look professional too! A great way to keep your loved ones close.


Heart Pincushion by Made to be a Momma

If you have a friend who sews, this is a perfect gift. I’m forever losing all my pins and needles– this is such a cute way to keep track.


Easy Mug Cozies by Lemon Tree Dwelling

Not exactly a “Valentine’s craft”, but who could resist a cute, easy mug cozy? Perfect for curling up with a pot of tea and a rom-com.


Valentine Heart Jars by Mason Jar Crafts Love

Maybe a little bit over the top, but it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s literally the patron saint of over the top. Plus, all that distressing . . . just gorgeous.

Seed Stitch Cowl-- Olivia Simone

Seed Stitch Cowl by Olivia Simone

Yup, my own project, but I honestly love this cowl so much. If you make it from super soft yarn in a pretty color like I did, who wouldn’t want it for a Valentine’s present?


Thanks for reading! I hope these crafts spark Valentine’s gift ideas for you.

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