5 ways Pinterest Can Be Used As A Writing Tool

I’ve had a Pinterest account for over a year now (find me here), and I’ve officially named it the ultimate time waster. I can spend hours and hours scrolling through my feed and spamming my boards with new content, often to the dismay of my friends who are kind enough to continue following me despite the fact that their own feed is, at times, 99% my pins. So when I finally figured out that I could use Pinterest as a writing tool, I was ecstatic. At last, I could consider my wasted hours as work and research instead of time that I could have spent doing homework (whoops…). Here are 5 ways Pinterest can be used as a writing tool:

5 Ways Pinterest Can Be Used As A Writing Tool-- Olivia Simone

1. Writing Inspiration

This is probably one of the most common boards out there relating to writing, and for good reason. For those of us who work best with visual writing prompts (photos, drawings, etc.), this is a great option. I usually use mine as a holding place for story ideas or little tidbits that don’t have a definitive home yet.

A couple of my favorite writing inspiration boards/pinners:

Board: Writing Inspiration: Words

Board: Novel Inspiration

Pinner: HEY, Writers! + Folie a Deux

2. Mood Boards/Story Boards

I use my story boards to hold pins that are tied to my story but don’t belong on any of my character boards (see #3). Most of the time, it relates to setting/plot/mood/cross-character stuff, so I can take one look at it and kind of get a feel for my story before I start writing.

3. Character Boards

I have maybe 12 or 13 character boards in total, one for each of the main characters in my WIPs. Most of the pins are pictures that look like my idea of the character or quotes that remind me of them. These boards really help me get inside my characters and write them well.

4. Writing Help

There are so many great writing blogs out there (I’ll post about my favorites later), and within them, so many amazing posts. A Pinterest board devoted solely to writing tips and advice helps you corral all your favorite ones into one place. I also keep infographics and quotes on writing in mine, for days when I don’t have enough time to look through dozens of articles.

5. Advertising

For those of you who also blog, or who happen to have published a book (I congratulate you), Pinterest is also a valuable source for advertising your work. Plenty of people have boards dedicated to books, and pins get around fast, making it super easy to get the news out.

If you have any other ideas to share, post them below in the comments section. I’ll be posting again on Friday, so see you then!


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