TBR List

I have to say, I’m feeling a little disappointed in myself. You see, I’m normally on top of my reading– I mean, I’m a ‘self-professed bookworm’ after all. But after a crazy busy fall (Nutcracker, school stuff, high school applications– yeah, I actually have to apply to high school, but more on that later), I realized that the amount of progress made on my TBR pile was somewhere around zero. Then Christmas came and went and surprise, surprise, I ended up even more books and an even bigger TBR pile. In the new year, I’ve been inspired to make at least a dent in it, and so I hope that in showing it to you today, I’ll get some kind of motivation to actually do so.

Here we go.


(This is actually a combination of my current reading (on the left) and my TBR pile (on the right). I know it doesn’t look so gigantic in this picture, but this is only about a third of the actual pile, which is currently living on the floor in front of my bookcase until I find a better home for it.)


First, my current reading.


The Science of Harry Potter by Roger Highfield was a Christmas present from my friend Lauren, who, as you can see from her choice of gift, is definitely aware of my HP obsession. I’m about halfway through it right now and it’s pretty cool– the only problem is, with all the scientific advances made in the past couple of years, I’ll be disappointed when I don’t get an Invisibility Cloak or Nimbus 2000 (though preferably the Firebolt) for my 21st birthday.


Okay, truth be told, I’ve read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver about  5,000 times, but that’s because it’s good. It kicked off my obsession with farming in 5th grade, and carries on to this day with my dreams of gardening, chicken-keeping, and bread-baking as a best-selling author in my adult years. Kingsolver carries you through a year as a ‘homesteader’, in which she and her family live off their land (as well as their neighbors’), and includes all the finer points of farm life– chicken butchering and turkey sex, to name a few.


Moving on to my TBR list…here we go.


This anthology of a few books of Helen MacInnes’ is about three inches thick, which you can see in the photo but can’t truly appreciate except in real life. It’s about 20 years old and a Christmas gift from my grandma, who, again, knows me and my obsessions very well (this time, crime and detective novels). I’ve been meaning to get to it for about three weeks now (yikes). It comes highly recommended from my aunt, who called MacInnes’ books ‘classic and well-written espionage novels’, so I’m looking forward to this one in particular (plus, 5 books in 1 GIANT BOOK! What’s not to love about it?).


This isn’t something I would normally read, but my dad recommended The Pleasure of Finding Things Out by Richard Feynman to me maybe 6 months ago. Long time, I know. It’s a kind of memoir/scientific journal by the physicist who figured out the reason behind the Challenger disaster (something to do with frozen O-rings, which I don’t understand at all).


I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m a dancer. I’ve been taking ballet for 10 to 11 years now (modern dance for 3), and apparently my mom thought it only appropriate that I should be getting into dance-based literature. This book, Taking Flight by Michaela DePrince, is the memoir of a woman who made the journey from war orphan to ballerina dancing on stages across the world. Pretty dramatic, huh? Anyway, I’ve heard great things about it, so hopefully I’ll get to this one soon.


Wuthering Heights. Emily Bronte. Okay, so I should have probably read this by now, even if my English teacher refuses to have us read anything but short stories that sound like they were written by 10-year-olds. I tried to start reading this a while back, but it’s the kind of book that demands all of your attention, which I really can’t give right now. I’m holding off until summer rolls around and I finally get 10 weeks of absolutely free time with which to devote myself to this book.


I’d honestly never heard of Bitter Melon (by Cara Chow) until a family friend gave it to me this past Christmas. It’s supposed to be good– a Chinese-American student rebelling against her mother in a 1980’s San Francisco.


Gone With the Wind. What more can I say? This book is about as long as Lord of the Rings, which is probably why I haven’t gotten through it yet. I started reading it last summer, but somehow got off track and forgot about it until I discovered it under my bookcase. Another summer read.


And last but not least, Emma. I’m proud to say that I’ve read Pride and Prejudice (twice, as well as having watched the Colin Firth version of the movie), so I think this is the logical next step in my venture into Jane Austen’s world. Again, my mom is a heavy driving force in this; she’s an English professor, and I think she’s determined that I read all the classics before I graduate from high school, a scheme that’s moving at a tortoise-like pace.


So that’s it! Share in the comments below what you’re reading, and watch out for another post this Friday.


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