Twisted Rib Boot Cuffs

Hi everyone!

So today I wanted to share with you one of my more recent projects, Twisted Rib Boot Cuffs. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a crafter, and my primary concentration within that area is knitting, which I’ve been doing for about four years. I tend to stick with smaller, simpler projects (mostly because I hate following patterns and smaller projects are harder to mess up), so that’s what you’ll be seeing today (apologies for the horrible definition– my regular camera broke, so I had to use my phone instead).


These boot cuffs were actually inspired by something I saw on Pinterest (you can follow me here), but unfortunately, there wasn’t any link to send me to the pattern. It wasn’t too tricky to figure out, though, and I made my own version of it that turned out pretty well.


Finished dimensions (keep ease in mind while taking measurements):

Small: 4″ by 8″ (unstretched)

Medium (the size I made): 4″ by 10″ (unstretched)

Large: 5″ by 12″ (unstretched)


16 stitches to 4″ in 2 by 2 rib


  • worsted weight yarn
  • US size 8 needles (either straight or circular– I used straight, since the project is so small and I hate double-pointed needles)
  • stitch markers, if you’ll be knitting in the round
  • tapestry needle, for weaving in the finished ends



The twisted rib stitch takes a little practice to get the hang of, but this pattern really is much easier than it looks. As long as you can read (and follow) directions, you’ll be all set.

Also, make sure that while casting on and off, you do so loosely. The knitted panel itself is very stretchy, since it’s a form of rib stitch, and it’s best if that stretchiness is maintained throughout the whole project.

Twisted Rib Stitch:

The twisted rib stitch is really only a combination of ‘knit 2 together’ and ‘knit’. As seen below, it produces a cable-like result.


Step 1: Insert needle into front of first 2 stitches, wrap yarn, and pull needle and yarn back through, like you’re knitting 2 stitches together, but DON’T pull the first 2 stitches off the needle yet.


Step 2: While keeping the first stitch on the right-hand needle, insert the needle into the first stitch, wrap yarn, and pull needle and yarn back through, making a simple knit stitch.


Step 3: Now that you have two stitches on the right-hand needle, you can pull the original two stitches of the left-hand needle off, and TA-DA! You’ve officially made your first twisted rib stitch!


Twisted Rib Stitch Pattern:

  • Row 1: *Knit 2, purl 2* to end
  • Row 2: *Knit 2, purl 2* to end
  • Row 3: *Twisted rib stitch, purl 2* to end
  • Row 4: *Knit 2, purl 2* to end

Boot Cuff Pattern (Make 2):

  • Cast on 32 (40, 48) stitches
  • Work in Twisted Rib Stitch Pattern until piece measures 4 (4, 5) inches long
  • Bind off in pattern
  • If knitting on straight needles, cut yarn, leaving a good size tail, and sew up the side so that the ribs are parallel to the seam
  • Weave in any remaining ends
  • Wear with tall boots and PRIDE– you did it!

boot-cuffs-on-3 (1)

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. I won’t be posting tomorrow, but watch out for a new post about my TBR (and current reading) list on Tuesday.


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